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When visiting our "Restaurante Cruzamento", take the opportunity to discover the unparalleled beauty of our Region, from the beaches of Comporta, Carvalhal ,Troia ... to the dazzling beauty of the Serra.
Region of Alentejo, a region to explore!

Know the best there is in the municipality of Grândola!

If you are looking for a place to sleep (accommodation), eat (food), shopping or other experiences, visit the Grândola Region. There are several Tours to explore, generic or themed, so you can know and explore the attractions of the county of Grândola, Alentejo Litoral and the region of Alentejo.

Come and visit Alentejo!

Grândola is easily accessible and is part of the "Alentejo Litoral" Tourist Development Complex. Distance from Grândola to

  • Beja - 70 Km, estimated travel time 50 minutes;
  • Serpa 98 Km, estimated travel time 1 hour and 15 minutes;
  • Évora (direction Água Derramada - Alcáçovas) - 84 Km, estimated travel time 1 hour and 15 minutes.

If you like hiking or mountain biking, if you want to start in Birdwatching or watching nature at your pleasure, the interior of the county has many options for you. As a Natural Heritage - the Sado Estuary, the Atlantic front, the Grândola Range, the Melides lagoon and all the mirrors of water and streams are fantastic for walking.

If you want more information about Grândola, consult the website of the Grândola City Council.

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